Wealth Creation, Becoming Rich and the Purpose of Life: Stop What You’re Doing and Consider This

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This sounds like a peculiar title for an article. What has Wealth Creation got to do with the purpose of life you might ask? I’m gonna argue that it has a lot to do with it. Wealth Creation at its core signifies the creation of something of extended value. It’s amazing how much mediocrity we put up with. We don’t really want to live humdrum lives. We put up with the humdrum just so we can enjoy exciting, meaningful and adventurous episodes in our life.

I like the broader, far-reaching concept of wealth creation much more so than narrow, limited notion of just making money. There is nothing noble in being superior or wealthier than someone else. But there is great nobility and purpose in being superior to your former self.

Simple, seemingly trivial acts like falling in love, dancing, listening to music and so on, I believe, have shared motives with earning more money, building a career, creating wealth i.e. the pursuit and expression of more life. The purpose of life is essentially to create and experience more life – to enable the true expression of life. Wealth creation in its fullest, broadest meaning fosters this expression.

The Purpose of Life

The meaning of life is that which you give it; but the purpose of life, it could be argued, is something altogether more certain. Your own individual purpose may take time to figure out as you journey through life but in general terms I think it’s fair to say, your purpose is, to transform yourself from who and how you are now, to your next highest ideal of who and how you want to be.

Every parent wants to give their child more and better than they themselves had. This is a natural biological and sociological imperative. Every individual wants to give and have more life than they currently have. The attainment of riches and wealth is simply part of this expression.

Whilst transformation isn’t exclusively the domain of wealth creation…if you are creating more life, creating more value than you will automatically become wealthier. So, in a sense, wealth is a measure of the increased value you create during your life, the depth and fullness of expression in your life and the fostering/creation of more life.

A Broader Definition of Wealth

Whilst wealth is most often associated with money and the accumulation of assets; I see wealth (and its opposite, destitution) as pervasive in everything in life; in people’ s mindsets, in the way people behave, in the forces and laws of nature, and in every human interaction. For the purpose of this article, we are largely focused on the definition of wealth creation as associated with money and assets. However, it is worth bearing in mind that wealth is not merely about the accumulation of money and assets but also perhaps a reflection of something deeper, some inner drive and pursuit far nobler than we might think.

So, we don’t have to limit the definition of wealth creation to pure economics. For the purposes of this article, we can say that wealth comes in many different forms. Life is not just about what you have or achieve; it’s also firmly about who and what you become. Perhaps even more importantly who and what other people become as a result of your being.

In a sense, wealth creation is a measure of the length and distance you’ve come in life in all aspects….personal growth and development, spiritual growth and development etc. Wealth doesn’t just reside in your bank account; it’s in your spirit, your mindset, your behavior and your actions.

The True Purpose of Getting Rich

The reasons for getting rich and wealth creation are much more than the simple attainment of money and wealth. Getting rich enables us to increase life and live more. I believe that one’s desire for wealth and riches is rarely, if ever, specifically about the money, but rather it is a measurable way of expressing our desire for a fuller, better, more meaningful life i.e. the increasing of life.

Personally, I have no interest in money as a means of possession. My wealth creation pursuits are driven by a need to discover more life. Assuming, that your basic Maslow hierarchy of needs are satisfied (food, shelter, sex, love etc)…then the pursuit of money is matched by a pursuit of self-actualization. Continuous advancement and increase in life is what all men and women are seeking. People are attracted to those who can give them more of the means of life and this attraction will result in the creation of wealth and you becoming rich.

Concerning yourself with the attraction of money and wealth as a means to the experiencing and contribution to the extension of life is far more worthy pursuit than the love of money as a possession. What you want for you, you must want for everybody.

Creation Not Competition

It’s called Wealth Creation and not Wealth Competition. We must create rather than compete for what is already created. If you look around you, you will notice that the most successful businesses in the world create value that is hard to compete with. People have a need to be creative and spiritual, rather than destructive and unspiritual. People are therefore attracted to creation. If your business is creative rather than merely competitive it stands a greater chance of success. The people who make the most money in the world are state changers; they create changed states, new experience, increased experience of life. They essentially give and promote more life. They create more value in life. Wealth creation in its fullest meaning not only creates wealth but also contributes to creation of more life.

That part of us that’s always trying to articulate itself and connect back up with and join with some greater expression of life is a deeply spiritual force of nature that simply must express itself. To deny it, would be denying yourself of who you really are.

Financial Freedom – An Alternative Perspective

We often associate the expression “financial freedom” with some notion of limitless wealth and money. However, an alternative perspective on financial freedom is whereby your fullest expression of life is not limited by your financial circumstances. I would argue that, if your present financial circumstances somehow prevent you from allowing the fullest expression of yourself, then you will be driven by the pursuit of financial freedom and the creation of wealth to enable this. You obtain absolute financial freedom when you are certain that you can do virtually whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want, in a way that empowers both you and everyone else.

In Summary

Whether you’re herding goats in the Himalayas, working in a sweet shop on some street corner or trading stocks on Wall Street there’s no getting away from the subject. Wealth creation is everywhere. People may have different ways of describing it (e.g. paying the bills, saving for a rainy day, building wealth, building a future, getting rich, making money, making ends meet, building a nest egg etc), however, essentially they are different ways of describing the same thing in accordance with your current circumstances. Why not give some thought to why you do what it is you do, what is the connection between your daily money-making pursuits and your deeper life purpose? Wealth creation is at the heart of the very purpose of life….the true purpose of life is to create yourself as you want to be. The true purpose of wealth creation is to enable this for yourself…and for everyone else!

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